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Jeff Noller has been the creative force behind the band Skittish for over 10 years. Sprung from Minnesota in 2008, Skittish has earned critical acclaim for the Paul Simon meets Arcade Fire blend of bedroom folk-rock. 6 albums in, Skittish is cemented as a Midwest music staple.

The albums have all been written and recorded by Noller at his home studio. Many talented Midwest musicians have also been a part of the band over the years, and its hard to find a group in the Twin Cities that doesn’t have some connection to a Skittish record.

Online, the songs have taken on a life of their own. Spotify and Pandora streams, YouTube video plays, and iTunes downloads have all consistently grown over the past 5 years. Placements on MTV shows, Lifetime Movies, and ShowTime’s ‘Shameless’ have also given the band a boost. When Skittish signed with Spectra Records in 2013, life on the road became the norm. Years of touring the country and playing SXSW made Skittish one of the can’t miss acts in the Twin Cities music scene. Industry recognition came with CMJ charting and two Independent Music Award nominations in 2016 for Album and Single of the year.

Noller has temporarily stepped back from life on the road, and is working in film sound. Composing and Sound Designing for the last year has already led to a MPSE Golden Reel nomination in 2020. A 7th Skittish album is on the way in 2020, as well as shows in the new Los Angeles home-base of Skittish.

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Looking back at the last decade, Noller remarks, “Its hard not to get sentimental. The support for Skittish albums has given me the independence and creative outlet I love so much. Everyday I’m thankful for the people that like what I do. Hopefully the music makes them feel less-alone, because their connection certainly has done that for me.”

For those that are unsure of their place in this world, there will always be Skittish to keep you company.



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