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From “the Saintly City” of St. Paul comes the idiosyncratic sound of Skittish. A staple of the Minnesota music scene for 10 years, Skittish has produced 5 albums worth of literary folk-rock with more hooks than a tackle box.

Though any number of well-known Minnesota musicians may join him for live shows, Skittish, at its heart, has always been Jeff Noller. As sole songwriter and producer, Noller has seen his band go from quirky side-project meandering from cold Midwest basements, to SXSW and Summerfest stages, national tours, CMJ charting and opening slots for The Lone Bellow, Cloud Cult, and Kid Dakota.


In the last 5 years, Skittish songs have been placed on MTV, Lifetime movies, and Showtime’s ‘Shameless.’ As well as snagging two Independent Music Awards in 2016 for album of the year, and single of the year.
“My ambitions are high but I try to keep the integrity intact” reflects Noller. “The care I put into my songwriting will be my legacy”.
The latest Skittish record, Two Legs Bad, was released in late 2015 and featured much more collaboration from the four-piece of musicians that have been regulars of Noller’s touring lineup.

Brianna Tagg, a classically trained pianist and voice major. Jeremy Krueth, a drum shop entrepreneur, and Lazarus Clearwater, a ten-year veteran of the Minnesota music scene.

The title of their newest record, Two Legs Bad, was pulled from a line in George Orwell’s Animal Farm and is one of the many literary and historical references peppered throughout the album – a dose of high-brow hidden in a spoonful of catchy indie-pop.
Noller is a consummate digester of articles and oddities, finding himself more at home among the inanimate, than at parties or clubs.

“I often feel like an outcast,” Noller reflects. “What I’m learning is that the majority of the population feels the same way”.
For those that are a little too smart, a little too weird and a little unsettled with their place in this world, Skittish is calming reassurance that you are not alone.

Bio by: Jennifer Thorington


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