Update in a Strange Time

hi all-

i hope you are keeping yourselves safe and your minds occupied.

i have finished a new skittish album, largely recorded at night in my college’s studios in savannah. i came out of there with a grad degree, 3/4 of a finished album, and a bunch of film/tv sound work that has been keeping me busy. i will still release this album in 2020, but like many of you, i’m trying to gage just how mad all of this will be. we may be looking at a cataclysm and not a hiccup, so time will tell. hell, if these quarantines are drawn out long enough perhaps i’ll crawl back on to social media for updates and new content.

stay safe, and make some memories.

Good Stuff

I’m about 70 percent done with the new album, and its sounding oh so good. Though I’ve had to push back the date into early 2018 because it may be getting a bigger release than I previously expected. More details on that later. I appreciate the friendly emails and fan art that pepper my inbox every month. I’m excited for you all to hear what I’ve been cooking up.